Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Call & Response blog 11.27.2013

A new vision for the church
America: In all his years as a Catholic, James Martin, SJ, cannot remember a papal document that was so thought-provoking, surprising and invigorating.
National Catholic Reporter: 'Evangelii Gaudium' amounts to Francis' 'I Have a Dream' speech

Corporations are people, the Biblical sequel
Slate: The Supreme Court will decide whether companies don't have to cover contraception because they have religious beliefs.

Washington National Cathedral to charge visitors
Religion News Service: Facing a $26 million earthquake repair bill and years of financial woes, Washington National Cathedral will start charging visitors in 2014.

Replenishing self-control through prayer
Pacific Standard: German researchers report a few minutes of communion with a higher power can boost self-control.

The diet from God
The Atlantic: The Daniel fast is growing in popularity, often prompted by Christians' desire for a deeper form of prayer. Many are reporting lasting physical benefits, too.

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