Tuesday, October 19, 2021

River of God - OSL Leadership Retreat Sessions


River of God, OSL Leadership Retreat Sessions

Please find below links to all of the River of God Retreat sessions. Most of these are high definition recordings of each session without the breaks in sound/video that took place during the livestream because of the storm that so drastically reduced the internet bandwidth. 

These recordings include the opening worship for each session as that was integral to the message being shared. You can fast forward to different points in the recording by moving the cursor on the bottom of the recording. These will also be uploaded to the OSL YouTube channel within the next week or so.

River of God - OSL Leadership Retreat Sessions:

Session 1 - The Rt. Rev. Gregory Brewer

Session 2 - The Rev. John Rice

Session 3 - The Rev. John Adetunji

Session 4 - Bill Buechner

Session 5 - The Rev. Sarah Bronos

Session 6 - The Rev. Josh Acton

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