Healing Ministries
Canon Mark Pearson discusses healing ministries in the church and whether your church needs one.

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"Fire in the Fireplace" by Charles Hummel details the history of charismatic renewal and where its going. In the final installment of the series, Canon Mark Pearson sits down with JD Walt and Steve Seamands and discusses this book. Pearson explains why the fire needs the fireplace and why the fireplace needs the fire and what that means in a Christian context.

THE HISTORY AND PURPOSE OF I.C.R.The ministry they founded was named Institute for Christian Renewal, often called “I.C.R.” Mark Pearson was named President of the Institute and within a year went full-time. Since that time, assisted by numbers of people with teaching and ministry gifts, Mark’s ministry has gone world-wide.
In the Winter of 1980 a young clergyman named Mark Pearson called two of his colleagues with an idea. Though all three were fairly recently ordained, each had known the Lord in a personal, life changing way for many years. Each was pastoring a church that was coming spiritually alive through the various movements of renewal then fanning out across the Main Line denominations. They knew that, without proper theological underpinnings, the experiences people were having would either soon dissipate or else become imbalanced. Mark believed God was giving him a vision for an area-wide teaching ministry with several teachers.

Although he is best known by many for teaching, training and ministering in the area of Christian healing, he and the Institute for Christian Renewal have never forgotten the original vision that led to this ministry’s founding:
To teach people (particularly active lay church members) sound doctrine and principles of the Christian faith, to encourage people in their personal discipleship to Christ as Lord, and to aid them in developing their own gifts and ministries in their home churches.

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