Friday, August 9, 2013

OSL Region VII Members Notice 8/9/13

OSL Members Notice 8/9/13

Members at this time I would like to have us all consider what the OSL has in place as an unwritten agreement, which is tithing. Tithing from each chapter’s income source: chapter dues, fundraisers, conferences, etc. tithing to the Region.

The tithe is used in support of the regions council needs. The activities of the council are varied, normal funding needs are for the following: seeding dollars for individual chapters, to fund a conference; that fund may be reimbursed from the conference income. Travel expenses as the council deems necessary and minor operating expenses. Further, a tithing of this fund goes from each region, to our OSL parent body.

No action is required to this notice except, to recognize this as a continuing part of our OSL practice.

Lee Brand -
Region VII Director