Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Sept. 20-24: Iwaki

The gentlemen sandwiched between Akira Mori and myself and looking curiously like the Travelocity gnome, is Baba.  He is an Indian Hindu, married to a Japanese and runs a spectacular Indian restaurant in Iwaki.  Sometime back he became dangerously ill while cooking in his restaurant.  Akira and a gentleman from Switzerland were visiting and offered to pray for him.  Within moments his symptons were gone - he was totally healed.  While standing in his establishment, surrounded by the Hindu pantheon, Baba says to me, "your God healed me!"  He was so grateful to our Lord for touching his life and seemed genuinely softened by the experience.  Pray for Baba's salvation.  I hope to bring our whole team to visit him in February. 

In November, my MK friend Jim Weber and an Aquaponics expert will be visiting Iwaki to begin the process of setting up a project in the Iwaki area.  We believe we can use new forms of fish and vegetable farming to be a witness through the farm team, provide jobs and have access to a fundamental need of the community - food!  Pray for the Lord's strategies and provision to come into place for this rather creative approach to extending the Kingdom just 25 miles from the Fukushima nuclear plant.

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