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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Hello Friends,

Certain sins are safe to confess at church.

Like being impatient. No problem—we'll pray for you. Or struggling with anger, or (my favorite safe sin) "perfectionism." Even some "bigger" sins get a pass. Someone struggling with alcoholic addiction is usually met with open arms.

Confess publicly to porn addiction, for instance, and reactions change. You might not get that same loving arm around your shoulder. In fact, it may feel like no one wants to touch you at all.

If you're a pastor battling porn addiction, the stigma multiplies. How could you ever confess that to members of your church?

That was exactly the position in which Darrell Brazell found himself. Ensnared by a porn habit that started in childhood, and terrified to confess his sin, Brazell withdrew from others and from God. Read about his painful story of addiction, isolation, and finally, redemption.

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Marshall ShelleyGrace, strength, and joy,

Marshall Shelley

Marshall Shelley
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