Thursday, February 11, 2010

Theophostic Healing Prayer

By Frank Meadows, Guest Writer – What makes Theophostic Prayer Ministry unique and effective?
I use the term, INNER HEALING PRAYER, because that is a term many of us understand. However, the difference I see in the Theophostic approach is that a memory really is not what needs to be healed. It is only the container in which the LIE or interpretation of past hurtful events are stored.
What happened to us in our past has already happened. The lie (how we interpreted the event) or stronghold that is stored or imprinted in the memory container is now the problem. It has become a core belief. The emotional pain we experience now, in our daily lives, is coming from present situations that feel familiar or like those original places where we were hurt and lies took root. We now see the world through these lenses.
If we learned to believe during these hurtful life events that we were unworthy, not good enough, others cannot be trusted, etc., or as an abuse victim who feels terror, helplessness, dirty, and shameful, we will go through life interpreting situations through that grid. Therefore, what is needed is mind renewal, a revelation of truth at the core foundational memory level.
We need for the Lord to give us some Heavenly, corrective lenses. Read more here…

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