Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Prayer That Heals

· God wants ordinary people like you and me to bless and heal one another in our families.

· Part of the Good News is that God wants to use our words and the touch of our hands to heal our loved ones.

· Once we discover that God really answers us when we pray, the next step is for us to learn to pray with people, as well as for them from a distance.

· Once we learn to pray with our friends, we begin to understand why the Gospels lay such great stress upon touching people when you pray - the laying of our hands upon people allows God’s healing spirit to flow.

· We don’t have to pray in King James English; just speak the way we would speak to a friend.

· Gradual healings that take time are great signs of hope.

· Our forgiveness of others facilitates our own healing.

· Healing does not always come from faith; sometimes healing leads to faith. Of all the healings that most of us need, the deepest ones are usually emotional or spiritual.

· Love heals.

Extracts from Francis MacNutt’s “The Prayer That Heals”

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